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todd Conklin

owner, ceo

Todd Conklin is a leader who believes in giving first and changing lives. He is a man who boldly leads and loves from his heart. He believes the greatest good you can do for someone is to not just share your riches but to help them reveal their own.

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The story of Todd’s real estate career began in Sun Valley, Idaho, where he specialized in high-end resort properties and quickly became a top selling agent in the area.


On July 7, 2006, just two days after the birth of their first child, Todd and his wife, Shannon Conklin, founded Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties. From its humble beginnings as a two-person team working out of a basement, CBDP has blossomed into one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the nation.


The company now consists of over 500 agents and employees serving over 20 markets across six states, including a commercial real estate division - Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties. Todd shares what he has learned with other CEOs through his coaching company, The Corner Office Coach and trains sales people through his fierce Sales Assassin program.


From the beginning, Todd’s mission has been simple: change the lives of agents, clients, other leaders and employees in meaningful ways. His approach? An unwavering commitment to innovation, and the creation of a “culture of awesomeness,” an environment with family, integrity, respect and excellence at its core.


Through the challenges of starting and growing a company, Todd maintained focus on his belief that, if he could help agents flourish and live “Distinctive” lives, the company would flourish too. With this “giving first” mentality, Todd poured his efforts into helping agents grow their businesses, and sure enough the company grew with them. 


Todd defines humble servant leadership in all he does. As a result of his unwavering character and leadership the company has been named a Chairman's Circle company with Coldwell Banker, and has been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in America on the Inc. 5000 list. Real Trends ranked CBDP the 23rd fastest-growing brokerage in the U.S, and the company has repeatedly been recognized as one of the nation’s top brokerages by the Swanepoel Mega 1000 list.


Todd has also been recently recognized as a REAL Trends Game Changer - one of just 12 real estate leaders who changed the game of real estate by growing their businesses dramatically.


Todd believes that this rapid growth stemmed from an “aha moment” he had back in 2010. 


“I sort of came across this idea that really got me out of bed in the morning. The idea that I could help other people grow their companies and businesses. And it just lit me on fire. And so from that point forward, the question we asked of everything we did was not ‘Is it going to be profitable for us?’ but ‘Will this have an impact and change someone’s life?’.  And I just strongly believed that if I had an impact on enough people’s lives, that our organization would be fine.”


“Changing Lives” remains the company’s battle cry. Every new initiative it takes on answers one question: “Will this help agents to spend more time doing the things ONLY they can do?” By enabling agents to spend more time working with their clients, with their families, and serving their communities, CBDP helps agents to create Distinctive businesses and lives.


Ensuring a “DNA fit” has been key to the successful growth of the company thus far. Each and every office and agent who joins the company shares its values and culture, enabling CBDP to preserve the close-knit “family” feel that is rarely found in large companies. 


Looking to the future, Todd and the entirety of the CBDP and CBCPP team are committed to continuing to change lives by creating innovative solutions to the challenges presented by the real estate industry today.

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